Approved March 2018

Data Use Agreement

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Please note the following data use agreement between Perinatal Quality Foundation and any co-investigators regarding the use of this data. Please also see PQF publication policy.

To request data from any of the PQF programs for secondary analysis of data or for research collaboration with the PQF, the investigator should answer all questions on this form and submit to the Research Committee of the Perinatal Quality Foundation at

  • Project review and approval:
    1. PQF Research committee with the chair of the appropriate PQF program will review the proposal for feasibility and give approval
    2. PQF Research committee will prioritize proposals, as well as the time of PQF statistician and staff to support these proposals
  • PQF involvement and oversight of projects:
    1. All projects that utilize or are in conjunction with PQF will be assigned a co-investigator from the PQF committee related to the program being utilized (CLEAR, NTQR, FMC, GEM).
    2. The PQF team member should be considered a co-collaborator, and should be involved in the development of research procedures, plan and analysis discussions.
    3. The PQF team member should be included as a co-author
    4. The PQF team member will serve as the liaison between the researcher and the PQF team to assure that all research procedures, deadlines and analysis are carried out appropriately, and be part of the writing team for abstract creation and publication.
    5. When necessary PQF team member will assist the authors with design and troubleshooting to improve applications.
  • Publication & Presentations:
    1. The PQF research and publications committees will review all submissions for publication or presentation for accuracy of analysis and interpretation.
    2. The PQF Research committee will review and approve draft publications with consultation by the PQF Publication committee.
    3. Collaborators are expected to publish work completed with/from PQF databases. It is the expectation that all projects will result in publication within a reasonable time frame (2 years) after completion of the project. If this not completed, PQF reserves the right to reassign authorship and proceed with publication.
    4. Any publication fees or abstract submission fees are the sole responsibly of the collaborator.
    5. The investigator must inform the subcommittee in a timely fashion if it is determined that the analysis does not warrant preparation of a manuscript. In this circumstance, PQF research committee may reassign authorship at that point if they (the research committee) believes that a successful manuscript submission is feasible or declare it not feasible.
  • Authorship
    1. All presentations will acknowledge PQF and Program (CLEAR, NTQR, FMC, GEM) involved.
    2. The assigned PQF team member will be an author on all publications (primary and secondary analyses) and posters resulting from the research. Author order should be determined prior to embarking on project.
    3. All posters/presentations will include logos for both PQF and appropriate Program (CLEAR, NTQR, FMC, GEM).
    4. All publications will acknowledge PQF and appropriate Program (CLEAR, NTQR, FMC, GEM). The authorship list will end with “for the Perinatal Quality Foundation.
  • PQF and co-authors will provide timely notification to each other of pending studies/ presentations/ publications using the data.
    1. Please note: PQF research, board, and program committee members (with the exception of PQF staff support) are entirely volunteer. Therefore, appropriate lead times (at least 1-2 weeks) are expected for abstract review prior to meeting submission.
  • Updates & timelines:
    1. Updates of project status are expected at least every 3 months to the PQF team member.
    2. A formal, written update on project status including: completed work, remaining work, any submissions/presentations, and publication plan and status is expected by 11/1 each year for review by the research committee who will provide feedback to the collaborator through the PQF team member.
  • Data safety, data use & HIPPA compliance:
    1. Collaborators are expected to receive IRB approval for projects and must submit this approval to PQF research committee before any data access will be given.
    2. The data set and archive for all PQF programs and research will be maintained on PQF cloud servers by Gregory Toland (
    3. Collaborators will be given access to a project folder in our SharePoint site, , where documents can be posted and shared and are expected to utilize this data, project files, etc.
    4. For data analysis, individual Amazon WorkSpaces will be created for each project, Collaborators/statisticians will be able to load their own statistical software, i.e. SAS or R, on their workspace to perform analysis. These are single individual based, and therefore a statistician must be identified for each project.
    5. Data may not be downloaded or manipulated outside the server and remains the sole property of PQF.
    6. Statistical software purchase/license is the responsibility of the collaborator if they are completing their own statistics.
    7. No other projects or analyses may be completed on data provided to the researchers other than those approved by and in collaboration with the PQF research committee.
    8. PQF will be collaborator on all secondary analysis of data sets developed with PQF programs and/or data.
    9. If PQF program methods are to be utilized in a prospective study, all methods and educational materials remain the property of PQF. In the case of programs that involve testing (FMC) the questions and any secondary analyses of these new data sets developed using PQF methods and education must be done in collaboration with PQF.
    10. All collaborators must sign this PQF Data Access agreement form. This stipulates the conditions laid out about for use and storage of the data, and indicates that the team will maintain HIPPA protects, as well as not download information to personal devices.
    11. The PI must also complete a COI disclosure.

Data use & collaborative research agreement signature page

We the collaborators with PQF agree to the above data conditions and limitations.

We understand and acknowledge that under NO circumstances are the data to be downloaded or stored on personal devices.

Data use is limited to proposal submitted to the PQF, and access is limited to 1 year from the start of the project.

This agreement is subject to change with notification of the collaborators.




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