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Nothing is more needed now than assuring quality in women's health care. Our goal is to improve women's healthcare by offering free training to all OB/GYN residents and fellows across the country in our CLEAR, NT and GEM programs. Please join this call for action by supporting the Perinatal Quality Foundation (PQF).
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News: Image Quiz Updated August 2017
First Trimester Image Quiz

View cases that demonstrate the potential of first trimester ultrasound examination for diagnosis of anatomic abnormalities. The accompanying questions will allow you to test your diagnostic skills and knowledge.

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Genetic Education Modules GEM Now Open to Subscribe

The Genetic Education Modules (GEM) for education of patients and physicians about prenatal screening and testing options is now open to obstetrical practices by subscription.

NIPT/cfDNA Prenatal Screening Predictive Value Calculator NIPT/cfDNA Prenatal Screening Predictive Value Calculator

Online tool that calculates positive and negative predictive values of cell-free DNA/Non-invasive prenatal screening to determine the probabilities of true and false positive and negative results.

Podcast: Counseling an AMA Patient for Genetic Testing Podcast: Counseling an AMA Patient for Genetic Testing

This podcast is a simulated conversation between an obstetrician and her patient who is at least age 35 years, pregnant for the first time and learning about her prenatal aneuploidy testing options.

Preterm VBAC Calculator Preterm VBAC Calculator

This calculator is based on the equation published in the article "A prediction model of vaginal birth after cesarean in the preterm period" cited below. It is designed for educational use and is based on a population of women who received care at the hospitals within the MFMU Network. Responsibility for its correct application is accepted by the end user.

Mardy AH, Ananth CV, Grobman WA, Gyamfi-Bannerman C. A prediction model of vaginal birth after cesarean in the preterm period. Am J Obstet Gynecol 2016.

NT Calculator NT Calculator

Download NT Calculator on the App Store Web-based calculator that estimates the risk of Down syndrome using a combination of crown-rump length, maternal age, nuchal translucency measurement(s) and number of fetus(es).